I'd like to thank Jim Friesen for some great photos.


What is the OC/OC?

It is "One Can One Country" in short.

It means, the collector collects at least one can from every country or region.

They have a club in America with 234 members currently, including me, too.

This club gives four editorials every year to it's members where you can find

important information about cans and newer regions etc.

The really serious collectors are trying to get the first can from every country!

This collecting form is very good for those who have limited space in their rooms.

OC/OC has about 300 regions, so it means 300 cans on the wall.

As there aren't so many countries in the world, the collectors add the islands to this list,

even if they don't have own authority.

I tried to tabulate the regions that OC/OC includes with those 300 countries, with pictures, of course.

I hope it gives some help to the other collectors!

If you are interested in joining or if you would like to get more information on One Can One Country

you can contact -Jim Friesen at